Are Hunting Crossbows Better To Use Than Other Weapons?


You certainly have weapon choices when you are going hunting. Have you preferred using a shotgun or a rifle in the past vs bow hunting? Crossbow hunting is quite popular these days, and with any weapon choice, you know there are going to be the advantages and disadvantages. If you are considering making the switch to hunting crossbows, it could be you are a little hesitant. Being a good marksman, you don’t want to let that prey get away just because you changed weapons and are unfamiliar.

You can always try out crossbow hunting on the side while you still go hunting with your guns of course. You want to know more about the benefits of using a crossbow though, don’t you? Crossbow hunting rules have seen changes in some states making it easier for hunters to use them on to hunt big game. You will of course want to know the individual rules of your state before you start going out to buy a crossbow.

Disabled hunters are known to use crossbows at times, so that should tell you that they shouldn’t be too difficult to handle. That being said, the crossbows, once cocked, are cocked without you having to keep it in that position. This may sound like a simple advantage, but you just took part of the multitasking out of the equation. What does that mean for you? It means you are now more free to aim and take that shot.

Have you ever used a regular or compound bow to go hunting? Perhaps you did but weren’t too thrilled with the experience. There are advantages to using the hunting crossbows over the compound bows. For example, it is easier to sit or kneel and take your shot. Additionally, you can get yourself a telescopic crossbow sight to use in helping with your aim.

Those aren’t the only advantages. Pretty soon, you will find yourself not wanting to use anything but a crossbow, especially if it means you start bringing home more game. With a bigger draw weight than a compound bow, you know the velocity of that arrow is going to be much better. Is it really that much better using a crossbow for hunting instead of another weapon. While there are the advantages, you don’t want to ignore the disadvantages.

For example, that draw weight might help you when it comes to velocity and range, but it isn’t like you’re going to get a better range with a crossbow than other weapons. It would be the other way around when it comes to comparing crossbows with guns. You’re also going to realize that crossbows are rather heavy. Would that stop you from using one?

Maybe a hunter friend of yours has one, and you could use it to see if it would be a hunting weapon of choice for you. Remember that not all crossbows are the same, just like all guns aren’t the same and you can go to the NY Tritons Sports And Collectibles site for a simple guide. What are you going to take out there with you next to go hunting?