A Guide To Choosing Wedding Venues In Toronto

Getting married is a joyous event that one will remember for the rest of their lives. With that said, choosing the wrong venue can leave you with memories that you would rather forget. The great thing is that there are numerous wedding venues in Toronto and this guide will help you select the best one.


The first thing you need to consider is the size of the place you will need to accommodate all of your guests. You do not want to pay a premium for a lot of space that goes unused. You also want to avoid wedding venues in Toronto that are so small that people will feel like they are on top of one another. Keep in mind that larger venues will cost more money, which means that you will need to plan accordingly.

It is often difficult to find places that will accommodate the masses, but a place like Casa Loma, which holds up to 550 guests, could be just what is needed. Keep this place in mind if you are planning a large affair.


Are you looking for something on the modest side or are you a fan of all things ornate? Style will play a big role when it comes to selecting a place to have your wedding. Consider this. If you are looking for a place to have a fancy reception, having it in a castle would be ideal. On the other hand, if you are seeking something more intimate and small, a nice restaurant or public garden would probably be a better idea.


This is something to think about when you are searching for a wedding locale, but it should not be at the very top of your priorities list. The problem is that placing budget before all means that you may end up with something that is far from what you wanted, even though the price is right. Do you really want to limit your options and settle for something you are not really fond of just because it is in a decent range? You are better off considering all other factors and using this one to decide between multiple options that are equally appealing.


You should remember to ask about this when you are looking at different venues. Does the venue you are considering have a place where you can have a reception? Can you pay extra and have the people at the venue handle the catering on your behalf? This is the kind of thing that could mean the difference between a great wedding and feeling like you are left to handle too many tasks on your own. In other words, the more amenities the better.

If you are planning a wedding and you have yet to choose a venue, make sure that you consider all of these points before moving forward. Out of all the times in your life, this is the last one where you want to end up regretting a decision you made.