How To Choose The Best Squirrel Removal Services In Your Area

Red Squirrel

Everyone thinks that squirrels are adorable furry little critters that add the perfect touch to any suburban or semi-rural property. The problem lies in that squirrels like to scamper around and build nests inside of attic spaces. Now, you may be thinking that one squirrel alone can’t do much damage, but the fact is that no squirrel lives alone. Squirrels form small colonies and multiply quickly, therefore, they always need to find the perfect nesting space.

Your attic space or the inside of your walls happen to be the perfect obscure spots where squirrels can make their camp. They will use the insulation in your home to pad their nests and will often chew up your electrical wiring. If you’re hoping to avoid this nightmare, hiring expert squirrel removal services is simply a must! Here are some things to look for, as well as info from, when hunting for the right company:

A written estimate: Understandably, it’s very hard to give homeowners a written estimate for the job of trapping all of the squirrels. With that being said, a true expert will always visit your home to assess the situation. They will consider all of the potential entry points of your home, the possible number of rodents, whether babies are involved, and overall how the squirrels are using your home. All of this information will usually help them determine costs.

Problem solving specifics: It’s important to ask for specifics on how the animals are going to be handled and treated. Are the squirrels going to be killed, and if so, why? Will any baby squirrels become orphaned in the squirrel removal process? How can this problem be avoided in the long-term?

Check for humane techniques: It’s important that animals are handled with care and respect. Make sure that the company you hire will trap squirrel families and release them together somewhere else.

Prevention is key: A professional company needs to provide information and help on making sure that this doesn’t become a recurring problem on your property. Usually, they will also provide a one-year guarantee on the work against the re-entry of removed squirrels.

Check for unethical fees: Never sign a contract that has an open-ended clause that allows the company to trap any and every animal on the property. Your contract should address your squirrel problem, and nothing else.

Licensing and insurance: You need a company that has proper licensing and insurance in your state. Trapping animals is something that needs to be done according to state laws and regulations. Any company you choose to hire to get the job done should be licensed, insured, and should have the necessary experience to professionally carry out the work.

The moment you hear scampering within your walls or in your attic space, you need to act quickly and call the right removal services. It’s important to find a company with ethical and humane practices that will help prevent future infestations within your home by sealing off all entrances.