The Basics Of Treating Sciatic Nerve Pain

Sciatic Nerve Pain Relief

If you feel like you have a burning pain radiating down your leg, you could have sciatica. This condition is very painful and it can make it hard to move around. Sciatica also doesn’t always respond well to pain medication. If you are experiencing sciatic nerve pain, you want to address it right away before the condition gets worse. Read on to learn more about sciatica and how to treat it.

Sciatica happens when your sciatic nerve becomes inflamed. This can happen for many reasons, and when it does become inflamed it is very painful. You feel the pain in your buttock and all the way down the leg. The pain can be very intense and it can be hard to get comfortable when you are feeling sciatic pain. Sitting can make the pain worse and medication doesn’t always make the pain go away.

Sciatica is often caused when your nerve becomes pinched by a bone spur or problem with a disc. Diabetes can also cause sciatica as can being overweight. You are more prone to getting sciatica as you get older because your spine can degenerate with age. When you are overweight you are placing more pressure on your spine and this can cause problems. Some people are more prone to sciatica who have to sit for long periods as sitting can increase your chances of getting it. Diabetes can also increase your chances because it can cause nerve damage.

Sciatica will often resolve itself without treatment, but it does tend to come back. Since the condition is so painful, you are going to want to see a doctor about it because this way you can start on a prevention and treatment plan. When you meet with the doctor, you will usually be asked to perform certain exercises that can diagnose your sciatica. You may also need an MRI or scan to check your spine and check for disc damage.

If you do have sciatica, your doctor will start a treatment plan for you. This plan can include multiple things. Some of the most common treatments are medication. You might need to start taking medication that can relax your muscles. You might also need pain medication to help control any pain you are feeling from the sciatica.

Physical therapy is common and it can be really helpful. There are exercises you can do that will help to strengthen your back and stop the sciatica from getting worse and even reverse it. If your sciatica is not responding, you could need steroid injections. These injections reduce inflammation which can stop the pressure being put on your sciatic nerve. The final option is surgery and if nothing else works, you may need to have what is pressing on your spine removed.

There are many treatment options available for sciatic nerve pain. If you think you are experiencing sciatica, make sure you get it treated because the pain can be intense and you don’t need to endure it. The Doula Marin Health Site is great source of information on this topic. We invite you to visit it.