Benefits of Owning an Automatic Defibrillator

Emergency Defibrillator

Technology is making owning important medical equipment like automatic defibrillators easier and more affordable than ever. If you suffer from arrhythmia or have had a history of heart attacks, you might be interested in purchasing an automatic defibrillator for your home.

What They Are

Automated or automatic external defibrillators are also known as AEDs. They come ready to use with pre-connected pads. There is a shock button on the semi-automatic models for activation and there are also fully automatic versions available.

The AEDs are made to be used by the average person. Although, it helps to get certified or take a first aid course in order to better understand how to help a person during a heart attack. You could make sure anyone living in your home takes these courses ahead of any emergency. It is important to note that in studies done regarding the effectiveness of these devices that even school-aged children without proper CPR or first aid training have successfully used AEDs to save lives.

These devices are available from specialty manufacturers of AEDs. It does pay to compare the items that are available so that you can find the one that suits your needs.

AEDs Can Save Lives

These devices have been found to save more lives following a cardiac arrest than regular CPR. While deaths can occur, in most cases the incidence of death has been less when automatic defibrillator machines are nearby and are put into use even by a stranger such as when heart attacks occur in public places where AEDs are more and more common.

These devices are easily found in airports, schools and other public places. Makers of these defibrillators are now marketing simpler versions to consumers. This is because it is known that more than 80 percent of deaths from heart attacks occur at home.

Time is of the essence when a heart attack strikes. It is far better to have an AED within the home for someone to reach for and implement in a matter of seconds than to have to wait for emergency technicians to arrive.

While it is possible for someone in your home to be trained in CPR and to implement that training in an emergency, it is clear that the use of an AED results in more lives being saved.

For more information, you will want to speak with consultants and sites such as Rotary Zone Health Review who offer their services through the makers of these devices. They can better assist you with determining if an AED is right for your home. If you live far from an emergency room, you may want to take action now to get this important information. An AED really could save your life in this case.

These devices cost around $1500 or more depending on the various features and automation you might choose. It helps to discuss your options with consultants as well as read online buying guides which appear more and more as AEDs become more common for the regular consumer.